White Chocolate, Berry and Pretzel Clusters

What is it about the mix of salty and sweet that makes it so irresistible? These White Chocolate, Berry and Pretzel Clusters have just enough of both. Pretzels provide the saltiness while the white chocolate takes care of the sweetness. Cranberries and apricots bring a little zing into the mix. And voila – you are hooked on these! Good news is that these little treats are super easy to make. It might be a bit messy to scoop them into mini paper cupcake cases, but it you are brave enough to make these with your kids they should love licking the chocolate of their fingers.

White Chocolate Berry and Pretzel Clusters marthafied.com

White Chocolate, Berry and Pretzel Clusters

Preparation time: 30 minutes (+ setting time)
Makes: 30-35 small clusters

200 g white chocolate
50 g dried cranberries
75 g dried apricots
75 g pretzels

Ingredients White Chocolate Berry Pretzel Clusters marthafied.com

Roughly chop the apricots and break the pretzels into medium / small pieces. In a bowl mix cranberries, apricots and pretzels together and set aside.

Pretzel mix marthafied.com

Break the white chocolate into small pieces and transfer them into a heat-proof bowl. Place the heat-proof bowl with the white chocolate in it over boiling water without the bowl actually touching the water. Melt the chocolate while continuously mixing.

White Chocolate melting marhafied.com

Mix the melted chocolate with the berry-pretzel mix.

Pretzel and berry mix into white chocolate marthafied.comWhite Chocolate Pretzel Mix marthafied.com

With a spoon or a melon scooper take small scoops of the chocolate-berry-petzel mix and put them into small paper cupcake or petit fours cases.

White Chocolate Berry Pretzel Clusters drying marthafied.com

Leave the clusters to dry for a couple of hours or overnight. You can also store them in the refrigerator.

White Chocolate Pretzel Clusters 6 marthafied.com