Mother’s Day Drink: Pomegranate Mule

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK. We have based our Mother’s Day drink – Pomegranate Mule – on Oprah’s favorite tipple Moscow Mule. In our version we have combined the classic Moscow Mule with fresh pomegranate juice. You can use ready-made pomegranate juice as well, but freshly pressed pomegranate juice gives this cocktail extra zing. It makes the Pomegranate Mule refreshing and not too sweet.
In honor of our own mothers, both of whom funnily enough were huge fans of Paul Anka, we have paired our Mother’s Day cocktail with Paul Anka’s Put Your Head on My Shoulder. This particular Paul Anka tune was and still is the favorite song of Kris’ mom.
Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers!

Pomegranate Mule marthafied.com4

Pomegranate Mule

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Serves: 2

100 ml vodka
25 ml sugar syrup
50 ml fresh pomegranate juice (1 pomegranate)
50 ml fresh lime juice (juice of 2 limes)
4 tsp pomegranate seeds (1/2 of pomegranate)
4 slices of lime (1/4 lime)
ginger ale to top off the drinks

Mule Ingredients

Over a bowl or plate knock out the seeds from one pomegranate.


Crush the seeds through a sieve to get the juice out. Set the pomegranate juice aside.

Pressing Pomegranate

Juice the two limes. Set the lime juice aside.
In a cocktail shaker mix vodka, sugar syrup, pomegranate juice and lime juice with ice. Shake a couple of times to mix.

Sugar Syrup marthafied.comMule in cocktail shaker

Divide the drink mix evenly between two glasses. Add ice cubes.

Pomegranate Mule into glasses

Add two slices of lime and 2 tsp of pomegranate seeds per glass.

Pomegranate Mule without Ginger Ale

Top off with ginger ale.

Mother's Day Pomegranate Mule marthafied.comPomegranate Mule

Enjoy with Paul Anka’s Put Your Head on My Shoulder: