Mint Irish Coffee

Today we have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Marhafied decided to celebrate with the perfect liquid dessert brought to us by the Irish (ok, we have no clue who really invented this, but it has the word “Irish” in it and that’s enough for us) also know as Irish Coffee. Only we put a “minty” twist to the original Irish Coffee and went “green” with our Mint Irish Coffee. Try it and if it’s not for you then by all means return to our all-time favorite drink – Irish Coffee.
When we think about  what else has Ireland given the world we think about extremely globally important phenomenons like Jedward (you can read more in our “Irish Hotties” post), Riverdance, U2 (possible the best band – like – ever. We love you, Bono!), Luis Walsh (too much X-Factor in our brains) and Westlife (ok, not a big fan, but they are as Irish as … soda bread). So we have paired our cocktail of the week on this St. Patrick’s Day with Westlife’s “My Love”, which is a love song about Ireland.
Remember: Our Mint Irish Coffee or the original Irish Coffee is as good all year around as on St. Patrick’s Day!

Mint Irish Coffees 2

Mint Irish Coffee

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Makes: 2 drinks

50 ml Creme de Menthe Liqueur
50 ml Whiskey
2 tsp Dark Brown Moscovado Sugar
280 – 300 ml hot strong coffee
100 – 150 ml heavy cream slightly whipped
Green Food Color (optional)

Mint Irish Coffee ingredients

In a medium bowl mix the heavy cream and green food color until you get the desired green hue.

Green Whipping Cream

Loosely whip the cream until it’s slightly whipped. Set aside.

Green Whipped Cream

Brew the coffee. In an Irish Coffee Glass or a heat-proof glass or cup mix the dark brown sugar with whiskey and Creme de Menthe Liqueur. Heat up the mix in the microwave at 800 for 20 seconds (per glass) – do not boil.

Dark Brown Sugar Mint Irish Coffee marthafied.comMint and Whiskey into Mint Irish Coffee

Add the coffee and mix.

Mint Irish Coffee without Cream

With the help of a spoon carefully and slowly “slide” the whipped cream on top of the drink. Make sure the cream is not too heavy as then it will sink to the bottom and mix with the coffee. You will want to keep the coffee part and the whipped cream part on top separate. You can also use thick double cream and carefully slide the cream along a long spoon on top of the coffee.

Half Full Mint Irish Coffee marthafied.comMinty Irish Coffee

Best enjoyed with Westlife’s “My Love” and dreams of the green, green hills of Ireland.

Or check out our “Irish Hotties” for inspiration to visit Ireland.