Easter decorating ideas

happy easter

To me Easter has always been the official arrival of Spring. The long Easter weekend makes you want to open your doors to the garden, dress the house in pastel colours, set the table in colourful dishes and celebrate the arrival of longer, lighter evenings. The traditional Easter egg is not only for eating anymore, you can dress the table with them, you can hang them up in garlands or wreaths. The Easter bunny is a cute and loveable ornament sophisticated in white or glamorous in gold. I went looking for ideas for decorating the house this Easter and this is what I found….

Flower Window Garland

The flower garland brings the colour and the vibrancy of spring inside. Easy enough to make yourself. Just choose colourful ribbons and different type of papers in bold prints, then all you need is some scissors and glue and spring has arrived!

Easter golden decorations

Add a touch of glamour to the Easter table with gold table ornaments, antique candle holders and bold flowers.

easter flowers

Nothing is more beautiful than nature’s flowers. Display them in neutral vases or even in glass jars. Sometimes plain accessories are best, the flowers are the star of the show. Display prominently and enjoy.

Easter kranz

This decorative egg mobile can be made with any kind of egg decorations. Stay subtle and classy with gold, but you can elevate it to a focal point by adding eggs in bold colours and prints. Be creative!

Bunny picture IKEAThis beautiful bunny print is from Ikea. The paper flowers work beautifully with the black and white drawing. You could add paper flowers to any print or painting.

Pottery Barn Easter

Yellow is the colour of Easter, sun and summer, combine white and yellow to create a happy brunch table. Linen table runners and cotton napkins create a smart casual feel to the table.

Easter chocolate bunnies

Surprise them. :o)

easter candles

When I think of candles as decoration, I immediately think of Christmas and dark winter nights, but candles in beautiful pastels are perfect for Easter celebrations.

Easter egg wreath

 You can hang colourful wreaths to windows and doors or even use as coffee table centre pieces.

Easter breakfast table

You don’t have to use just one flower display on the breakfast table, combine several smaller ones for a cheery table setting.

bunny cookie jar

The cutest cookie jar ever.

Image sources: Pottery Barn, Wunderweib