Short and Chocolaty Galliano Coffee

Easter is almost over and so are most of our chocolate Easter eggs. But if you still have some left over, you can use them to make our Short and Chocolaty Galliano Coffee. In this drink the chocolate comes from crushed chocolate Easter eggs, but you can as easily make chocolate shavings from any chocolate bar. We plan to – as the size of our Short and Chocolaty Galliano Coffee is in between a Galliano Hot Shot and a regular Galliano Coffee, which makes it a perfect size for a small liquid dessert. It’s easy to make and even easier to enjoy all year-long!
As this long holiday weekend comes to an end we have paired up our Short and Chocolaty Galliano Coffee with a serious party song “Raise Your Glass” from Pink. Here’s to the last day of Easter 2013!

Short and Chocolaty Galliano Coffees 7

Short And Chocolaty Galliano Coffee

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Serves: 2

100 ml Galliano liqueur
150 ml hot coffee
100 ml heavy cream
3-4 small chocolate Easter eggs (or chocolate shavings)

Galliano Coffees Ingredients

Make the coffee. Finely crush the chocolate Easter eggs or make chocolate shavings by shaving a chocolate bar with a vegetable peeler.

Crushed Chocolate Eggs

Make sure the chocolate pieces are not too big as if they are too heavy they will sink to the bottom of the drink. Set aside.
Measure the Galliano liqueur into two small espresso glasses or cups. Pour the hot coffee and mix.

Coffee and Galliano

With the help of a long spoon carefully slide the heavy cream on top of the galliano-coffee mix.

Cream to Short and Chocolaty Galliano Coffee

Take care to do it slowly so that the cream does not mix with the coffee, but instead stays separated on top of the coffee. Top with the crushed chocolate Easter eggs.

Short and Chocolaty Galliano Coffees 3 marthafied.comShort and Chocolaty Galliano Coffee 1

Enjoy hot. And c’mon, raise your glass and put some Pink on: