Famous Mothers Now and Then

There is no denying that your Mother is one of the most important people in your life. You cherish and value photos of you with your mother throughout your life. If you are a Famous Mother then the whole world wants to get a glimpse of you with your children, because nothing is sweeter than to witness that special moment between a Mother and her Child. Take a look at these cute photos of Famous Mothers with their sons and daughters before you pamper your own mother this Mother’s Day.

Famous Mothers : Now and Then

Year 1959: Shirley MacLaine with her daughter Sachi Parker

Shirley MacLaine with Sachi Parker 1959

Year 1960: Jackie Kennedy with her daughter Caroline

Jackie Kennedy with Caroline 1960

Year 1971: Jane Fonda with her daughter Vanessa

Jane Fonda with Vanessa 1971

Year 1965: Nancy Reagan with her son Ron Jr.

Nancy Reagan with Ron Jr 1965

Year 1962: Elizabeth Taylor with her daughter Elizabeth Frances on the set of Cleopatra

Elizabeth Taylor with Elizabeth Frances 1962

Year 2012: Beyoncé with her daughter Blue Ivy Carter

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Year 2005: Gwyneth Paltrow with her daughter Apple Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple Martin

Year 1988: Princess Diana with her sons Prince William and Prince Harry

Princess Diana and Price William and Prince Harry

Year 2012: Michelle Obama with her daughters Natasha and Malia

Michelle Obama and Natasha and Malia

Year 2008: Jennifer Lopez with her son Max and her daughter Emmi

Jennifer Lopez and Max and Emmi


Photos: Life, helloblueivycarter.tumblr.com, UsMagazine, Getty Images