Funfetti Chocolate Popcorn

Posted on May 14 2013 - 10:53pm by Hannah

Funfetti Chocolate Popcorn 1-1

Funfetti Chocolate Popcorn is a delicious infusion of salty and sweet. Once again I could say that this recipe is for the kid in me. This has been happening quite a lot lately. What can I say? I am getting in touch with my inner child a lot?! This is like happy popcorn. It makes you smile. And we all need to smile more, don’t we?
Funfetti Chocolate Popcorn is fun movie snack. It combines the popcorn and the chocolate in one. OK; nothing beats Butter Popcorn and Junior Mints combo, but this certainly comes close. So have a try next time it’s movie night at your house!

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Funfetti Chocolate Popcorn

Preparation time: 20 minutes (+drying time)
Makes: 10-11 cups

½ cup popping corn
Sunflower oil
Salt to taste
400 g Good-quality Milk Chocolate (I used Green & Black’s Organic Milk Chocolate 34% Cocoa)
80 g 100s & 1000s or similar sprinkles

Sprinkles and Chocolate

Thinly coat the bottom of a large pot with sunflower oil. Pour in the popping corn kernels.

Popcorn Kernels

Cover with a tightly fitting lid. Cook over medium-heat occasionally shaking the pot. When the kernels start popping shake the pot continuously. When the popping slows down and the pot starts to fill turn off the heat and leave the pot covered until all the popping has stopped. Transfer the popcorn into a large bowl and season with salt to taste.


Break the chocolate into small pieces and transfer them into a heat-proof bowl. Place the heat-proof bowl with the chocolate pieces in it over boiling water without the bowl actually touching the water. Melt the chocolate while continuously mixing.

Melted Chocolate

Transfer the melted chocolate into a large shallow bowl. Let it cool down a little bit (2-3 minutes), but so that it’s still liquid. Cover 2-3 baking trays with foil and set aside. Put a handful of popcorn at a time into the shallow bowl with chocolate.

Popcorn and Chocolate in a Bowl

Carefully – without breaking the popcorn – roll them in the chocolate and evenly coat them with chocolate. You can use less chocolate for a thinner coating (more popcorn taste) or more chocolate for a thicker layer (more chocolate taste).

Mixing Popcorn and Chocolate

Transfer the chocolate coated popcorns onto the foil covered baking trays.

Popcorn with Chocolate Coating

Repeat 2-3 more times. Then before the chocolate dries on the popcorn sprinkle them with the hundreds and thousands. Roll the chocolate covered popcorn around, so that the 100s&1000s will coat the chocolate covered popcorns evenly.

Funfetti Chocolate Popcorn drying

Repeat with the rest of the popcorn. Leave the Funfetti Chocolate popcorn to dry at least 2-4 hours or overnight. When the popcorn has completely dried, gently break any clusters the chocolate has formed (optional) and store in an airtight container.

Funfetti Chocolate Popcorn in a container

You can shuffle the popcorn around while they are drying to prevent any clusters forming and to make sure that they are evenly covered with sprinkles.

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