Braid it! 5 easy (grown up) ways to rock braids this summer

Braids3Braids are the hottest hair trend this summer and are popping up everywhere from celebrity red carpets to fashion magazines. I see them, I want to wear them, but my problem is, how would I be able to wear braids without looking like a middle-aged Heidi or a Pippi Longstocking wanna-be? (Neither opition is acceptable beyond the age of 25 in my book). Well, braiding has progressed and become much trendier since the days my mom used to braid two pigtails so tight on my head I was seeing double. I spent a few hours looking at various different styles, I settled on these 5 easy braids. (I don’t know about you but I’m all fingers and thumbs when it comes to hair styling) These are simple enough to do without much practicing and are sleek and elegant to wear every day.


It does not get easier than this. Add instant attitude with one thin braid, secure with a small elastic hair tie and voila! you’re rocking braids. For added edge you can use a rope braid, which sounds complicated but is just twisted hair. Jada Beauty have fabulous instructions should you need them.

Long braid


Kate Hudson shows how to wear a simple loose long braid and look like a million bucks. Add some sparkly chandelier earrings and something plunging and sexy, and that’s the most simple type of glamour!

kate hudson


I call this The Waldorf as Blair Waldorf was known for wearing headbands in Gossip Girl, except she wore those really chunky 80s kind for most of the time. This simple braided hairband is somethind Zoe Saldanha wore at Canned Film Festival this year. What you do is make two thin braids on both sides, then simply pull them up and secure with thin bobby pins. Elegant.

Zoe Saldanha


This is something that works with even shorter hair (or if you are growing out your bangs!) Jennifer here has her bags French braided and it looks so pretty. The Small Things Blog has a video tutorial on how to do exactly what Jen is wearing here- it looks easy and it IS easy (I tried, even though I need a bit more practice to make is look not so…well, messy). Alternative if you don’t have long bangs you can French braid along the crown and side of your head, then just pin the “loose end” underneath and let the hair fall on top. Looks like Jennifer’s hair do but the French braid is longer.

Jennifer Aniston


My guess is that Kelly Cuoco from the Big Bang Theory has some hair extentions at work here on the braid, but it really is easy to do yourself and using our own hair. Keiko Lynn has a step-by-step tutorial but basically all you need to do is tease up a back section of your hair (as you would when styling a beehive or if you are recreating the 60s… ) use lots of hairspray for added support, secure with hair pins. Then take the rest of your hair, make two pigtails, bring those over and secure with pins to the base your you beehive. And there it is! Glamorous braided up-do!

Kelly Cuoko

Image Source: Pinterest, Allure, Glamour