Cocktail Hour: Nespresso Galliano Hot Shot

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I got a Nespresso machine around two years ago and I am completely addicted to it. The Nespresso Grand Crus (coffee blends) taste silky smooth, but yet they have a richness in them. Plus as a singleton it is so convenient to be able to just press a button and make one cup of coffee instead of always making too much in a coffee machine. What is it that those big coffee pots make you always feel like you have to make more than one cup of coffee?

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It’s also nice to have different strengths of coffee available for your guests. And now Nespresso has started making flavored Grand Crus. Currently they have Ciocattino (chocolate), Vanilio (vanilla) and Caramelito (caramel) in their Collection.

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While sipping an Espresso Macchiato made with a Ciocattino Grand Cru I realized that the dark chocolate taste would nicely compliment Galliano Vanilla Liqueur. Galliano is an Italian Vanilla Liqueur. It’s quite strong-tasting, which makes it ideal for coffee drinks. Especially a Galliano Hot Shot, which I have aptly renamed Nespresso Galliano Hot Shot.

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Galliano Hot Shot is a great digestive. In one shot glass it combines a digestive and a dessert. Perfect, right? To make a Nespresso Galliano Hot Shot use the Ciocattino Grand Cru. You can also use regular coffee to make a Galliano Hot Shot.

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Nespresso Galliano Hot Shot

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Makes: 1 drink

1 x Nespresso Ciocattino Grand Cru (or 25 – 30 ml freshly brewed coffee)
Whipped Cream
20 ml Galliano Vanilla Liqueur

Slightly whip the cream. Leave it quite liquid.
Measure 20 ml Galliano Vanilla Liqueur into a shot glass.

Galliano in Hotshot marthafiedBrew the coffee. Top the shot glass with coffee. Leave a little bit room on top for the whipped cream.

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With the help of a long spoon carefully slide the slightly whipped cream on top of the Galliano – coffee mix. Take care to do it slowly so that the cream does not mix with the coffee, but instead stays separated on top of the coffee. Serve immediately.

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