Fill your home with Cath Kidston’s Roses

Coming up Roses Cath KidstonCath Kidston is most well-know and loved for her bright floral prints. Nowadays she has a varied collection of print designs available ranging from bold and large-sized flowers to simple two-color combos with dots.
My ‘style-brain’ is divided when it comes to floral prints – part of it wants to go simple and understated with single color combos while the other side is craving for full-blown bright floral prints. That’s why I like Cath Kidston. She has created everyday modern vintage with iconic British look! And her rose prints are fabulous. They make me want to live on the countryside in a farmhouse with an antique bathtub.

Cath Kidston Bathroom

To celebrate the 20th anniversary Cath Kidston has a collection of designs available in the signature Antique Rose print – all especially created to celebrate 20 years of Cath Kidston. On top of that she has a wide array of rose prints available in different designs. This way you can fill your home with roses and smell the roses all day long (figuratively speaking)!

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