Beastie Boy townhouse in Brooklyn

I love this townhouse. I love the old wood floors, the floor to ceiling double doors, not to mention the backyard. Outside space is always at a premium, especially in big cities. The house belongs to Mike D, a lifelong Manhattan resident and Beastie Boy, who decided his family, and especially his two boys, needed a bit more space. Him and his wife, filmmaker Tamra Davis renovated this townhouse in Brooklyn into a light and airy family home. The kitchen is my favourite. The casual bench style seating, the double doors to the garden, the beautiful branch like chandelier. I would buy this house for the kitchen alone. The whole house is a fabulous mix of textures, colours and patterns, but never overwhelming or imposing. Just a really comfortable (and stylish) family home with cool and quirky details like the chalkboard walls in the toilet or the silver hanging vanity. Bliss.

Brooklyn House

Mike D Beastie Boys house

Michael D Beastie Boys home

Mike D House

Beastie Boys Brooklyn

Image source: Casa Vogue Brasil