It’s a crayfish party!

tableWhen the first hint of autumn arrives, crayfish season begins and lasts until October. Crayfish parties are a great Scandinavian tradition, often held in the darkening evenings of summerhouses amongst candles, colourful lanterns and of course, good drink and good friends. The festivities start with schnapps and a sing song of “schnapps songs” which will end in everyone downing their drinks. (These songs are often odes to Crayfish).  Typical party menus usually consist of a starter soup, the main course being Crayfish of course (most often served on toast with butter and dill with a side salad) and all finished off with cake and coffee. Crayfish parties are a wonderful way to say goodbye to summer and throw one last big party before it’s all work and no play until Christmas brings friends together again. I have fond memories of my childhood crayfish parties and my great-uncle teaching me the art of opening and eating the crayfish. This is still my favourite part of autumn.

detail lantern

Laterns and food

summer evening

light colours



Image source: Allt on Mat, Skona Hem, Pinterest