I think I love you, Dr. Castellano


They say when you least expect it… you find it. I was sat there, on a very gray Tuesday evening, fiddling through my Sky box (that’s like TiVo) and noticed I had recorded the entire first series of The Mindy Project few months ago. Having nothing better to do between dinner and sleep I started watching the first episode and… Hello Dr. Castellano! I know Dr Reed is meant to be the posh totty for the ladies, but frankly his Britishness does nothing for me (we’ve got our own supply here in ol’Blighty) but give me Dr. Castellano’s real man any day. His deep New York drawl, his gruff demeanor, his kind brown eyes, (everybody say aww….) his love of Bruce Springstreen… OK. I hate Bruce Springsteen but if he’s willing to punch a man because he wears a  John Mellencamp shirt to a Springsteen concert, you know that’s the type of guy who is nothing but loyal and willing to stand up for those he loves.

Dr Castellano ID

Oh, Dr. Castellano, the fun we would have. The romantic strolls in East Village (never been to the East Village, no idea if its romantic or not but sounds like something they would do in the movies), the candle lit dinners in our favourite Italian, the lazy Sunday mornings when we’ve got the whole day to ourselves… (except when you are on call and I have my stomach in knots all day praying your beeper won’t go off)… *Sigh*

The-Mindy-Project cast

But, no. I am a million miles away and all I have to contend with are those 25 minutes per episode, and even then, there’s that pesky Dr. Mindy Lahiri batting her big brown eyes at you like butter wouldn’t melt…damn those sexy Indian girls. So, my only consolation lies in season 2 and Channel 4. Thew new season premiers in the US on Sept. 17th. that’s my birthday. Do me a solid, Channel 4, don’t let us wait too long for season 2. Pretty please?


Image source: The Mindy Project/Fox. Doodles: me.