Hello World, meet your new President of Pop – ladies shine but men rule the MTV Video Music Awards 2013


We’re in a bit of a disadvantage here in the UK as we don’t get to watch the MTV Video Music Awards until a full 24 hours later after they originally air in the US, so by the time you plonk yourself on the sofa you already know that Miley Cyrus has an unbelievably long tongue and Lady Gaga has seashells for a bra. I have been watching the VMAs since the…well, beginning of MTV in 1981. That’s a full decade before Harry Styles was even born. It’s amazing to me how little of the show has changed during the decades. It’s still a mix of outrageousness and rock star peacocking, and they all still thank God “without whom I wouldn’t be here”. (No, darling its Queen who made the very first music video in 1975 with Bohemian Rhapsody without whom “you wouldn’t be here.” Yep, and I remember that too. )

A few observations from Sunday’s show Harry Styles looks more like (young) Mick Jagger every day, Jaden Smith is a huge Drake fan (this is what he looked like watching Drake) and Taylor Swift cannot stop trying to hog the limelight, whether its grooving in the audience or (once again) alluding to the British “bad boy” whom she “knew was trouble when he walked in”. (Yawn). Rhianna just looked plain bored. Oh, and grills are in. Just so you know. Katy Perry wore jewel encrusted grills on the red carpet (it’s about “keeping it real in Brooklyn” apparently) right after Madonna had instagrammed her golden grills, which she says are “here to stay”.

ladies night vmas

Lady Gaga shows her incredible body in a seashell bikini, Miley Cyrus steals the headlines with her bad self and Katy Perry roars in the ring.

It was the ladies who made the most noise during the show with their lack of clothing (Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus) and impressive rope jumping skills (Katy Perry) but it was the men who owned the night. No gimmicks, no scantily clad ladies, just straight up amazing live music. My favourite of the night (in addition to the ah-mah-zing JT whom I’ll get to in a minute..) was Bruno Mars. I had my own Jaden Smith moment when Bruno was hitting those high notes during “Gorilla”, which just has to be the sexiest song of the year so far. Macklemore was surprisingly low-key with his intimate and touching performance of “Same Love” and Kanye avoided the spotlight completely with a powerful performance of “Blood On The Leaves” most of the time only in silhouette. I know much has been said about his “Yeezus” complex, but he still creates some of the most original and creative material. I had chills.

Bruno Mars and Macklemore at VMAs

Showstoppes Bruno Mars and Macklemore.

Justin Timberlake. What an amazing, scene stealing, commanding (I’m running out of superlatives) career spanning brilliant and effortless 20 minutes, and that’s coming from someone who once sat at the Staples Centre leering at *N’Suck* who will “never be BSB”. Jimmy Fallon declared Justin the President of Pop whilst handing him the Micheal Jackson, King of Pop Vanguard Award. Well, if we need titles, that just might stick. And OK,  N’Sync didn’t suck either… it was short and sweet but the guys were still busting those moves like it was the beginning of the Millenium.  In a crowd where Justin was like the town elder (at 32!!)  he showed the kids what true talent and years of honing your skills looks like. It looks like perfection.

Justin timberlake performance VMAs

The President of Pop takes his office.

Oh, and they did give out a few moonmen as well… here’s a list of all the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 winners.

Image sources: MTV, Daily Mail, Yahoo