Joy of colour in New Orleans

I know mixing strong colours and patterns is not for everyone but I am not afraid of colour, nor bold interiors. So, this historical cottage in New Orleans is a home after my own heart:  joyous, bold, bright and above all… a celebration of colour! The owners instructed designer Melissa Miles Ruffy to “deliver colour” and boy, did she! I love her attitude working with colourful interiors. “If you’re gonna be a bear, be a Grizzly” she says. “The key is to commit.” Each area of the house seems to have its own theme. The turquoise blue in the living room areas, the rustic red and brown of the kitchen areas and the pink bedrooms. The whole house is like a glamorous and bubbly Southern debutante, romantic, sassy and her own woman at the end. To me this house simply represents…happiness.

colour 1

colour 2



yellow 2









Image source: Domaine