The Eros Statue has become a part of the London Christmas Wonderland

Eros Snowglobe 3

I was walking around London’s West End during last weekend and ended up at Piccadilly Circus. There in the middle of the plaza is the world-famous landmark – the Eros statue. Only now the Eros statue has gotten a Christmas make-over and it has become a snow globe. And a very impressive snow globe, might I add. It’s huge and it has snow floating around inside it thanks to the wind-machines. It’s quite a festive addition to Piccadilly Circus and does bring Christmas joy and spirit to the hustling and bustling ever-present crowds around it.

Eros Snowglobe 2

Why the council decided to ‘snow globe’ the Eros statue is quite sad. During the Christmas party season people have tendencies to try to vandalize the statue. Why, I might ask, but really when it comes to vandalism I have realized that most of the time it’s totally useless to try figure out the reason behind it.
Nevertheless the statue and its shielding snow globe look fabulous and really make you feel that Christmas is just around the corner.

Eros Snowglobe

Photos: Marthafied