Great Burger Place in London – Grillshack

Grillshack MAINI was walking around Soho the other day and came upon a proper American Diner – Grillshack – on Beak Street. As it was an early afternoon and I was starting to get quite peckish – and suddenly heard a hamburger calling my name – so I stopped to check it out. Grillshack might not look much from outside, but the food and service are definitely worth a visit. The restaurant is half self-service and they even have an app for ordering.

How to OrderAt Grillshack ordering is made easy with three choices. You can either feel like an old person and walk up to the counter to make your order (yes, I did this) or go to a self-service station and tap your order into a machine; or download an app and order never leaving your table. Choice is yours!

CheeseburgerI ordered a Cheeseburger with Shoestring Fries. The burger was delicious, not too salty nor too greasy. The bun was fluffy, the burger itself was juicy and fresh plus the cheese was melted to perfection. The shoestring fries were extra skinny and crispy. Drinks at Grillshack are taken from a self-service soda fountain and include one free refill. Diet Coke pretty much always tastes the same!
I saw a lot of people ordering either the steak with shoestring fries (impressive size-wise!) or the half chicken from the specials menu (also impressively large portion). Next time I will try either one of those, unless that burger is calling my name again. I have to admit that all the dishes looked delicious!

SidesThe prices at Grillshack are good for West End and the service is friendly and fast. My cheeseburger cost £5.95, which compared to my local burger place with prices starting from £7.95 (and it’s not even in West End) felt cheap. Even the steak is not badly priced.
The surrounding streets are filled with media companies, so the crowd was pretty groovy even on the weekend. And completely locals as Grillshack is on Beak Street which is a couple of blocks from Regent Street and the Golden Square, so not a lot of tourists wonder this far on the side streets.

InsideGrillshack is nothing fancy. The decor it bright and clean. The service personal are friendly and helpful. The food is fresh and tasty. So basically Grillshack is a proper American diner.  And it promises to become one of my favorite restaurants.


Photos: Marthafied