The Dogs of The Westminster Dog Show

Bond Zippy and Maksim French Bulldogs Vogue

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was this week in New York City and there were plenty of stylish pooches around – like these French Bulldogs Bond, Zippy and Maksim (above). Adorable!

Check out these canine friends that were photographed for Vogue before the Westminster Dog Show. They will make you smile!

Jeannie (Shar-pei)

Jeannie Shar-pei Vogue

‘I am just happy to be nominated. And I would like to thank God!’

Little Caesars (Puli)

Little Caesars Puli Vogue

‘My rates are: mopping kitchen $50, living room $45 and mopping the whole house $500. Call me!’

Winston (Cream Mini Longhaired Dachsund)

Winston Cream mini longhaired dachsund Vogue

‘Could somebody check if that’s in my contract? Anyone? Hello?! Where’s my manager?’

Merlot (Standard Poodle)

Merlot standard poodle Vogue

‘I look like a housewife from New Jersey??!! Surely not – this is my Parisian look’

Jagger (Mastiff)

Jagger Mastiff Vogue

‘That’s correct – I’ve got moves like Jagger and I can make a heart with my tongue. You gotta looove me!!!’

Isis (Great Dane)

Isis Great Dane Vogue

‘I don’t believe this! She is trying to give me water in that glass?! I am Isis – Isis The Great Dane. I am like James Bond. I want my water stirred, not shaken and in a Martini glass.’

Trevor (English Springer)

Trevor English Springer Vogue

‘No, this is not a look I would have chosen for myself. I was in a wrong place at the wrong time and now I have silk boxers on my head. Send help…’

You know I had to include these little Chihuahuas – Micah and Sidrah.

Micah and Sidrah Chihuahua Vogue

‘Hey Bro, I thought you said there will be food??!!! I see nothing…’

And then there were these:

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